Council of American Overseas Research Centers – Washington DC, USA.

Andrew R. Mellon Multi Country Research Fellow for the Mediterranean, 2015-16.

Affiliations with American Academy in Rome, American School of Classical Studies in Athens, and the Centre d’études maghrébines à Tunis.


New York University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences – New York City, USA.

Lecturer, Core Curriculum Program, 2014-15.


Pace University, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences – New York City, USA

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages, 2014-15.


European University Institute –  Florence, Italy.

Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History and Civilization, 2013-14.




Ph.D., Italian Studies, New York University, USA, 2013.

Thesis supervisor: Ruth Ben-Ghiat.


B.A., Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 1999.

Graduation with Honors. Concentrations in Spanish, English and French.




Mediterranean studies; decolonial and postcolonial studies; migration, the Maghreb and Global South; travel literature and Orientalism; history and culture of empires and nations in Southern Europe; Italian film and visual culture of the Mediterranean; Italian fascism and comparative approaches to dictatorship; foreign language pedagogy.






Italy’s Mediterranean Empire: Identity and Rule in the Greek Islands, 1912-47. Scheduled for completion 2017.


Edited Volume


Power and Image in Early Modern Europe. Co-editor with Jessica Goethals and Gaoheng Zhang, (Cambridge Scholars Press: 2008).     


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals                


“Travel Losses: Italy’s Uncanny Orientalism in Greece and the Origins of an Afro-Mediterranean Empire” Italian Culture (15:1), 2018. Forthcoming. Under review.


“Crimes of Diction: Language and National Belonging in the Fiction of Amara Lakhous” Journal of Romance Studies (15:2), 2015.


One face, one race: Citizenship and the Culture of Fascist Empire in the Dodecanese Islands” European University Institute Working Papers, 2014.


Book Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Volumes


“An Imperial Education in Times of Transition: Occupation and Administration of the Aegean” Italy in the Era of the Great War, Vanda Wilcox, ed. (Brill: 2017).


“Remnants of Empire: Local and Provincial Views of the Mediterranean” MedWorlds7, Jacques-Emmanuel Bernard, ed. (Babel-Revues: 2016). Accepted.


“Italian Identity, Global Mediterranean: Heritage and the Cultural Politics of Tourism in the Aegean” Transcultural Italies: Mobility, Memory and Translation, Loredana Polezzi and Charles Burdett, eds (University of Liverpool Press: 2018). In progress.


“From Ottoman to Mediterranean Empire: Italian Colonial Rule in the Dodecanese Islands and the Second Treaty of Lausanne” War and Collapse: World War One and the Ottoman State, Hakan Yafuz and Feroz Ahmad, eds (University of Utah Press: 2015).


“Arcadian Histories: Italian Encounters in the Eastern Mediterranean” in New Perspectives in Italian Studies, Graziella Parati, ed. (Fairleigh Dickinson Press, 2012).


Book Review


Bruce Strang ed., Collision of Empires: Italy’s Invasion of Ethiopia and its International Impact (Ahsgate, 2013) in The Journal of Modern Italian Studies (20:5), 2015.




Visiting Library Research Fellowship, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, California State University, Sacramento; Sacramento, California, 2015.


US Fulbright Grant for Greece, Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of Aegean, Rhodes and Gennadius Library, Athens, 2012-13.


Global Research Initiatives Residency, New York University, 2011.


Dean’s Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Grant, New York University, 2010.


Marietta Di Croce Fund in Italian Studies, Dissertation Fellowship, 2009.


Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship for Modern Greek Language Study, US Department of Education 2006-07.


McCracken Fellowship, New York University, 2004-09.




Italian Language

  • Beginning and Intermediate Italian, Pace University (New York USA) Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Appointed as Associate Adjunct Professor
  • Italian Cultural Coach, La Pietra, NYU in Florence (Florence, Italy), Spring 2012.
  • Intensive Summer Italian, New York University (New York USA), Summer 2010.
  • Extensive Intermediate Italian, New York University (New York USA), Spring 2007.
  • Beginning Intensive Italian, New York University (New York USA), Fall 2006.


Upper Division Undergraduate Seminars

  • Readings in Modern Italian Culture, Undergraduate Seminar, Department of Italian Studies, New York University, Fall, 2009.
  • Italian Language and Culture through Cinema, Department of Italian Studies, New York University (New York, USA).


Introductory Undergraduate Seminars:

  • The Mediterranean in Theory and Practice (New York University Study Abroad Program. Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy, Spring, 2014).


Introductory Humanities Courses

  • Viva Verdi: Literature, History and the Arts in Italy from the Risorgimento to Fascism, (Core Curriculum Program, New York University, Spring, 2015).
  • Texts and Ideas: Antiquity and the Nineteenth Century, (Core Curriculum Program, New York University, Fall, 2014).
  • Antiquity and the Italian Renaissance, (Core Curriculum Program, New York University, Fall, 2008)


Doctoral Seminars:

  • Empires and Nations in Modern Europe (Department of History, European University Institute, Winter, 2014). Co-taught with Lucy Riall and Pieter Judson.
  • On Sources (Department of History, European University Institute, Fall, 2013). Co-taught with Laura Downs and Regina Graffe.


Teaching Portfolio available.






Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme (MMSH) – Aix-en-Provence, France “Les juifs de Rhodes et Kos: perspectives critiques sur l’insularité et l’identité euro-méditerranéenne dans les îles du Dodécanèse.”


Center for European Mediterranean Studies, New York University – New York, USA “Una faccia, una razza: Negotiating Difference and Race in Italian imperial rule of the Dodecanese” Discussant: Pamela Ballinger; April 1, 2015.


Villa La Pietra Seminar Series, NYU – Florence, Italy, “Fascism’s Mediterranean Empire: Italian Colonial Modernity in the Dodecanese Islands.” March 4, 2014.


Department of Italian, Columbia University – New York, USA “Fascism’s Mediterranean Empire: Representations, Legacies and Italian Colonial Governance in the Dodecanese Archipelago” February 28, 2013.


University of Aegean, Mediterranean Lecture Series – Rhodes, Greece, “Citizenship and Belonging in the Mediterranean under Italian Fascist Rule,” December 5, 2012.


Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of Aegean – Rhodes, Greece “Italy’s Imperial Fantasies and Civilizing Projects in the Dodecanese” November 6, 2012.


Department of Romance Languages, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan “Fascism’s Mediterranean Empire and the Conquest of the Levant,” January 17, 2012.


Libreria Fahrenheit 451 – Rome, Italy, “Verso una letteratura del viaggio postcoloniale: Antonio Tabbucchi e Notturno Indiano (1984),” November 4, 2011


Conference Papers (selected)


“Between Privilege and the Prospect for National Unification: the ‘City of Aegean’ under Italian Occupation, 1912-23” Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies – Washington DC, USA, November 19, 2016.


“Mobility in Insular Spaces: Mediterraneanism and Italian Rule in the Dodecanese Islands” at ‘Insularities Connected: Bridging Seascapes, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and Beyond’ Institute of Mediterranean Studies, Rethymo, Greece. June 10, 2016.


“The Jewish Communities of Rhodes and Kos between Assimilation, Anti-Semitism and Expulsion” at ‘Italy and Italian Jews in Colonial Territories During WWII: Libya, Dodecanese and East Africa,’ Roma Tre University, June 15, 2016.


“Historical Perspectives on the Southeast Aegean: Refugees, Migration and Ethnic Identities in Italy’s Illiberal Empire” Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Discussant: Anna Triandafyllidou – Florence, Italy, May 24, 2016.


“East of Eden: Orientalism and the Italian Afro-Mediterranean Imagination,” Special session of Modern Language Association, “Italy’s Heart of Darkness: Africa in the Italian Literary Imagination” – Austin, Texas; January 7, 2016.


“Remnants of Empire: ‘Provincializing’ the Mediterranean”, Socio-economic and cultural exchange in the Mediterranean: continuities and ruptures, University of Toulon – Toulon, France; September 15, 2015.


Una Faccia, una razza: Citizenship and the Culture of Fascist Empire in the Dodecanese Islands,” Deportation of the Jews of Rhodes and Cos: 1944-2014, a Commemorative International Symposium on the Holocaust in the Aegean – Rhodes, Greece, July 22, 2014


“At the Borders of Belonging: Italian Imperial Citizenship, Jus Sanguinis, and Fascism’s Mediterranean Empire (1912-47)” Max Weber Postdoctoral Contribution to the Social Sciences, June Conference. European University Institute, Fiesole; June 12, 2015.


“Reflections on a Marine Venus: Gender and Race in the inter-war eastern Mediterranean” Convention of the American Association for Italian Studies, Boulder, Colorado; March 27. 2015


“Insular Citizenship in the Dodecanese: Les îles en Méditerranée, perspectives critiques sur l’insularité  Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme (MMSH) Aix-en-Provence, France, June 14, 2014.


“Who were the Levantines?: The Protean Legacies of the Merchants of Venice in Post-Unification Italy,” Foreigners in the Heart of Medieval and Early Modern Europe –  Florence, Italy; June 18-20.


Working Paper, “Empires and Colonial Conquests in Japan, Italy and Germany (c.1860-c.1950),” Department of History, European University Institute, January 31, 2014.


“A Harem for the Pasha: Reverse Colonialism and Women as Symbolic Rapprochement in Libyan-Italian Relations, 2008-2011” Postfeminism? The Culture and Politics of Gender in the Age of Berlusconi Conference, Bologna, Italy; June 7-9.


“Post-Ottoman Re-colonization: Fascist rule in the Dodecanese Archipelago,” Turkish Studies Project Conference III, The Ottoman Empire and World War I –  Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina; May 16-20.


“Arcadian Histories: Italian Encounters in the Eastern Mediterranean.” Italian Studies Conference, Dartmouth College; May 6-9.


“Between Myth and History: Italy’s Forgotten Islands of Empire,” Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, Massachusetts; February 28, 2009. Recipient of merit based travel award.




Max Weber Programme Postgraduate Teaching Certificate, European University Institute (EUI); September 2013-May 2014.


Modern Greek Seminar, Athens Kapodistrian University; September 2012-May 2013; passed state proficiency exam.


Advanced Oral History Summer Institute, Regional Oral History Office; University of California Berkeley. August 10-18, 2014.




Convenor and Co-Organizer, Core Curriculum Colloquium Seminar Series, New York University; September 2014 – May 2015.


Principle Scientific Coordinator, Islands: New Theorisations of Insularity in the Mediterranean, International Invited Workshop funded by Global Governance Programme, Robert Schuman Centre (EUI), Global Research Initiatives (NYU). New York University, Villa La Pietra and European University Institute – Florence, Italy May 7-10, 2014.


Conference co-organizer, Max Weber Fellows’ Contribution to the Social Sciences and Humanities, European University Institute, June 11-15.


Discussant, Max Weber Programme, European University Institute, “Wars, War Crimes and their Consequences” March 24.


Editorial Board, Chronica Mundi (, an online history and cultural journal with articles in English, Spanish and Italian, published by Italica.




English, mother tongue; Italian, near-native fluency; French, very good; Spanish and Modern Greek, good.




Co-organizer of the research and networking project, “Mediterranean Insularities,” Co-funded by the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (Rethymno, Greece) and the AKMED Research Center for Mediterranean Civilizations (Antalya, Turkey).




Member of the American Historical Association, Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, the American Association of Italian Studies, the Oral History Association, and the Modern Language Association.